An alt is a account that get's made by users who have been banned, likely by MSE6

Why is it used?Edit

MSE6 is a cunt that bans many people. Many users do not care if their alts get banned, creating a account on ROBLOX is free and easy and does not require a E-Mail address. To post on the forums, a account requires 24 hours of living, because the mods eventually had to pussy out. When breaking rules, many people use alts so their Main do not get banned, thus making MSE6 rage harder. A alt is also used if a main has been banned.

Where To Find a AltEdit

The best place is at the OT forums. Some in RT, but no one gives a fuck about RT so yeah, and rare in games.

Shenanigans with AltsEdit

Impersonator AltEdit

Some alts will impersonate a main, for example one alt impersonated Lobolego, an OD'er.

Bonus MakersEdit

Some alts kept making bonus stories, and mass lolz ensued.


Some will spam the forums, which is the most retarded form of trolling.